A Travelling Preacher

One of the Local Preachers in the Harpenden Circuit is Dr. Edmund Marshall, who served as Vice-President of the Methodist conference in 1992-3, a role which now means that he is ex-officio a member of the BEH District Synod.


During his travels, both as Vice-President and at other times, Edmund has led worship, preached or spoken at places across the BEH District, including Epping, Harlow, Luton, Maldon and Southend, as well as Harpenden. Often during his 50 years as a local Preacher, he has experienced the value of having a peripatetic ministry, sometimes being providentially used to say things which he might have hesitated to say if he had known the local congregation more fully!  He is a retired university lecturer and former Member of Parliament.


Edmund is now ready to be used as a Local Preacher widely across the District, subject only to diary constraints. Any local church looking for a visiting preacher - or any Superintendent minister needing help to complete a circuit Plan - is welcome to contact him to see what might be arranged. The contact details are:


Dr. Edmund Marshall, MA, 37, Roundwood Lane, Harpenden, Herts. AL5 3BP.  Tel: 01582-461236. E-mail: edmund.marshall@btinternet.com   

Edmund Marshall, 26/04/2009