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From September 2013, the Statistics for Mission site is using a single login page with the new Annual Returns site, and you can find this at  Please use the same login details as before.  The information requested in the annual return form enables the Connexional Team to build up the local and Connexional picture, which is reported to the Methodist Conference in June.  We have an extremely high response rate (the highest of any UK denomination) and, as such, our data is more and more useful for mission planning.  Returns are due in by 30 November each year.

As before, to help save time and energy, a lot of the information asked of our churches in the previous year will be retained in the website for users to confirm or edit, rather than requiring any unnecessary repetition.

All of the previous year's reporting is available via the main Church website at  Five reports per District are available:
  • Membership
  • Attendance
  • Baptisms, Marriage, Funerals
  • Groups & Outreach Activities attendance
  • Groups & Outreach Activities details
Reports include Excel charts of the raw data, which can be downloaded and manipulated for local purposes; a range of different pdf charts, including circuit summaries, church-specific data, data visualisations and 100% estimates; interactive graph-building tools (also available at; and an interactive webmap of our churches and their statistical returns (also at  Detailed statistics, relating to individual districts, circuits, and churches, date back to 2002.

Coinciding with the publishing of these reports, a Statistics for Mission group on the Methodist Research Network has been created:  Anyone with an interest in statistics can join this group.  We would like to be a platform for ideas, suggestions and information sharing, and look forward to learning how our District colleagues make use of the annual statistics reports.

If you have any questions about the October count, any comments about the process, or any information which would be useful for managing the process in your district, please don't hesitate to email the statistics mailbox on, or call the Administrator (Mission Resources), Verena Thim, on 020 7467 5197 or the Research Officer (Statistics and Mapping), Alan Piggot, on 020 7467 3776.

Nick Moore | Head of Support Services
The Connexional Team
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Sarah Sutherland, 23/01/2014