Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Pilgrimage to 

Taize 2018


    21 July - 30 July 2018

    For young people aged 15 - 29


    Take some time out to go deeper with God


An invitation from the Bishop of Hertford:

'In July 2018 we're inviting people aged between 15 and 29 from across the Methodist and Anglican churches of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire to join us on a journey to Taizé, an international Christian community in France.  Founded out of the conflict of WWII, Taizé is an extraordinary place.  Each week it offers several thousand young people from around the world time and space to breathe, to listen, to think and to live for a while to the beat of heaven.  People that go to Taizé often say it's an experience that's changed their lives.  I hope you'd like to join me and others as we travel there this July.'

Further information can be found in the Taizé leaflet, or contact Rev Steven Cooper at or on 01438 221678.

To reserve a place, please download a Taizé booking form.  The deadline for bookings is 30 April 2018.