District Manses 

Val Carter

On a five yearly cycle the District Manses Committee arranges for a visit to be made to every manse in the District. The intention is not only to look at the physical condition of the property but also to show pastoral concern, regarding housing, for ministers and their families whilst they are within the District.

bookcase-books-bookshelves-190As part of this inspection the action taken by the Circuit on the recommendations made in the last Quinquennial Report will be noted. The Manse Visitors' report on each of the manses visited in that year is sent to the Circuit. These reports can act as a useful reminder of essential and recommended work to be carried out. 

The Committee recommends that:-

  1. Circuits have a policy for maintenance of manses with a clear link to the finance required.

  2. The charter for outgoing/incoming ministers (Guidelines for Manses) should be followed (an electronic copy can be downloaded from the Methodist Church in Britain website or obtained from the District Manses Secretary). 


The District Manses and Property Secretaries are both available to advise on all aspects relating to manses.