Local Preachers & Worship Leaders

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Within each of the 12 Circuits in our District we have a team of Local Preachers and Worship Leaders who work together with our ordained ministers in planning and leading worship at each of the churches in each of the Circuits.


As we develop the website we will publish information and resources to assist in the planning and leading of worship.


If you are a Local Preacher, Worship Leader or Minister within the District and would like to submit articles, ideas for worship please login, or request a login to the main site and you will then be able to sumbit articles and join in discussion forums from the members areas of the site.


You may find some of the following links useful:

Local Preachers Section of the main Methodist Church website
Learning and development opportunities on the DMLN East of England events page at: www.methodist.org.uk/learning/network-regions/east-of-england-region


The Leaders of Worship and Preachers Trust

This charity offers financial support for leaders of worship and preachers in times of need and respite or permanent accommodation in one of four LWP Homes.
Details of support available can be obtained from www.lwpt.org.uk