The District Advance Fund (DAF)

Grants Policy

Priority will be given to grant applications for new work, satisfying one or more of the following criteria:
  • Work with children, young people and those in the 25 to 40 age group
  • New ways of being church
  • Mission initiatives
  • Ecumenical initiatives
  • Community based initiatives, especially in areas of new housing development
  • Rural work
  • Development of property - normally up to 2% of the total cost of the scheme, with a maximum of £20,000 and with a clear strategy to reach new people:
  • to establish or maintain a Methodist presence
  • to expand into new geographical areas
  • where there are signs of, or potential for new growth
For schemes of over £100,000 that require a grant, normally a presentation should be made to the District Policy Committee following a recommendation from the District Grants Committee.

For non-property grants, an annual report will be called for and evaluated by the District Grants Committee before the release of subsequent grants.

Applications Timetable


The District Grants Committee will meet three times per year, in the current Connexional year. Applications to be considered at these should be made on the District Grant Application Form and be sent to the Grants Secretary, Mr Bob Butcher by:
  • September 19th 2018
  • January 31st 2019
  • May 21st 2019
This timetable allows time for queries and for circulation to committee members ahead of the meeting. Application forms can be downloaded from this website:
or obtained from Mr Bob Butcher.

We will continue to accept applications in letter form for requests up to £500.

Training Grants

Grants of up to £100 per person for lay and ministerial training, that support the mission of the church and are not otherwise available through the Discipleship and Ministries Learning Network, are available from the District Grants Committee.  Applications will be considered three times a year (9 October 2018, 19 February 2019, and 11 June 2019).  An application form can be downloaded from the website: BEH District Training Grant Application Form.
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Richard Armiger, 10/02/2012